About Thrifty Girl

Thrifty Girl

I’m Alexis. My friends call me Thrifty Girl. I spend 200 of the most weather-favorable days of the year in Chicago. During winter I travel to somewhere warmer. I live in my tiny condo, work part-time as a freelance graphic designer, make my own and enjoy thrifty adventures.

These writings are just a collection of random ideas loosely connected to thrifty living. My hope is that by sharing my thrifty lifestyle, I can help others achieve their personal goals—downsizing work, simple living, adventure travel—whatever. Sometimes I facilitate workshops and give presentations on lifestyle topics including tiny living, financing your dreams, simple living, early retirement, financial literacy and more.

Thrifty Girl's BookBack in 2006, I wrote a book, Thrifty Girl Kicks Your Financial Butt: Get a grip on your finances without dying of boredom. The title pretty much sums it up. It’s a workbook with lots of great exercises and helpful tips available on Amazon used for cheap! Wow, that’s thrifty! Most of the advice in the book still rings true today, nearly ten years later. I really appreciate the feedback I received from readers especially this review on Amazon:

“I can not believe this book is not more well known! I found it in a zine shop many years ago—at 28 I own a home, almost have my car paid off, just got 100% out of credit card debt, and have my student loans under control. I credit this book with helping me incorporate good budgeting/spending/credit/comparison habits and would highly recommend it to other young women. Whether you are a starving artist (as I started out) or training to be a CEO, you will find some nuggets of wisdom that relate to YOU and help you make some positive changes! I give this as a gift all the time because, awesomely enough, it is also incredibly affordable 🙂 
—Kristin E Manzi 

Free-Range Chick
This spring, I’m embarking on a new project. It’s an experiment in tiny living, really tiny living. I’m downsizing from a tiny condo in Chicago to a 5′ x 10′ storage locker and hitting the road. The adventure begins May 24, 2017. Stay tuned.

Thanks for reading,

Alexis Steinkamp


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