Mother’s Day Gift

Sometimes when I’m getting ready to make a purchase, I think of my $58 Rule. 58 dollar who? Rewind.

A few years ago, I read an article in the New York Times about meaningful gift giving and I discovered that for $58 I could send a girl to school for one year! Amazing.

The $58 Rule was born. When I’m looking at the price of let’s say a new pair of hiking boots, I think, “78 dollars, hmm, I could send a girl to school for a year and still have enough left for a few Boxing Rocks (that’s a Nova Scotia brew). It puts things in perspective. It also makes me feel grateful for having had an education (and everything else). I’m in North America trying on boots while in places like Afghanistan, Congo and Lebanon girls are denied school. SCHOOL! But that’s not all. I feel empowered—I can do something about it!


I have given this gift several times and I just did it again! For Mother’s Day. This time my gift was doubled by Airbnb (up to $500K). That’s generous. What mother wouldn’t absolutely love this gift?

The point of the $58 rule is this: We underestimate the value of a dollar and waste money on crap we don’t need when we could be using it to change another person’s life—and change the world.

So instead, I found a pair of used Hi-Tec boots at Value Village in Halifax for $20 Canadian or $16 US and used the reserves to send mom something truly meaningful this Mother’s Day. Mara and Sarah contributed also. I have such awesome sisters!

#NewYorkTimes #InternationalRescueCommittee #58DollarRule #Airbnb #BoxingRock #HiTecBoots #ValueVillage


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