Medical Vacation

A friend travels to Brazil. She’s not going for a vacation. She’s going for a new hip. What? Because it’s cheaper. Way, way cheaper than getting one at home.

I’ve spent the last six weeks in Ecuador. Recently, I met Virginia. She is getting some dental work done while she’s here. Long story short—free cleaning, x-ray $10, crown $275. Wow! She paid $1600 for her last crown in the States. She’ll need to stay in Cuenca a bit longer, but she wasn’t complaining.

You can even get an American in Ecuador to coordinate it for you. I met Nicholas Barringer at one of my favorite breakfast places in Cuenca—Windhorse Café. His aunt and uncle own the place. He was talking bone grafts and dental implants with a couple from Massachusetts. Bottom line—his company, Find Health in Ecuador offers the same dental services you will find in the U.S. at a fraction of the cost. He speaks English and Spanish.

The next few years promise to be pretty turbulent times for health and health insurance in the United States. Lots of countries—Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, Ecuador and others may be offering better and cheaper services than you will be able to get in the United States. If you find yourself in a health related pickle, you may want to consider combining a procedure with a vacation. Just what the doctor ordered!

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