Comfy bed for sleeping


It’s FREE and yet most of us don’t get enough. Before the invention of electricity, humans slept around 9 hours a night. Today, the average is closer to 6.5! But, studies increasingly suggest that sleep is incredibly important to our health.So, don’t skip your zzzzzs.

Think you get enough sleep?
Do you need an alarm clock to wake up? Are you grumpy? Do you need loads of caffeine and sugar to get moving in the morning? Do you nod off at work or on your commute? These are all signs that you’re not getting enough sleep.

And, it’s dangerous. Most people suffer from loss of judgement and slow response time when they are tired. This can cause, among other things, car accidents. A University of Colorado at Boulder study found that an increase in fatal motor vehicle accidents the first six days after daylight savings springs forward. Crappy daylight savings depriving you of sleep and reducing your response time! I’m against it!

Sleep deprivation can also lead to weight gain, stress, suppressed immunity, diabetes, depression and cardiovascular disease. Read more here: Huffington Post: 6 Surprising Benefits Of Getting Enough Sleep. Good lord, go to bed right now!

Researchers don’t always agree on what’s going on when we sleep. But those who study the subject seem convinced that a good nights sleep is crucial for both body and mind. And, they usually use inspiring words like cellular regeneration and memory enhancement when discussing the benefits.

Circadian neuroscientist Russell Foster suggests that you  listen to your body. If you regularly feel tired, guess what, you need more sleep! And, he recommends limiting stimulants like caffeine (to wake up) and depressants like alcohol (to go to sleep).

Thrifty Girl recommends going to bed early, sleeping in and taking a nap! I hate to repeat myself, but  IT’S FREE!

Interesting videos/article:
Russell Foster: Why do we sleep?
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Deadly car crashes spike after changing clocks for Daylight Saving Time


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