Keep it Simple

Nearly every day I wear the same thing—a black t-shirt, jeans and black shoes. It’s kinda Mark Zuckerberg, but I’ve been doing it longer than he’s been alive. Boring? Possibly. But, simplifying saves time and money—two things you could probably use more of right now!

Back in the ‘90s I chose my favorite color of clothing—black—and I’ve stuck with it for three decades. No regrets. No plans to change. 95% of my closet is either black or coordinates well with black. Shoes, socks, sweaters, scarfs, coats, bags—all black.  I have a few patterned pieces that look great with, you guessed it, black. It really simplifies things and reduces decision fatigue. And, it saves money and closet space. For example, I never need to buy brown or navy accessories. I’m in good company. President Obama also wears a uniform. More about simplifying for success: The Science Of Simplicity: Why Successful People Wear The Same Thing Every Day. Treehugger provides instructions: Use a ‘Minimalist Wardrobe’ to Simplify Your Life.

Again, I like to keep it simple. When it came to dishes, I took a lesson from my mother and chose classic white. With few exceptions, all of the dishes I own were purchased at thrift stores over the last few years. Magically, they all match (see above). My Ikea plates came from the Salvation Army down the street—50¢ each. If I break one, I don’t need to search for my pattern on Ebay. Replacements are cheap and nearby. I’m not the only one who thinks this is a good idea: How to Simplify Your Kitchen or In Defense of White Dishes.

Greeting Cards
Love shopping for groceries at Trader Joe’s? Have you seen their card selection? Birthday, sympathy, graduation, baby and more are just 99¢ each. I usually pick up a variety every time I’m in the store. I don’t need to drop $3+ at Target. When your birthday rolls around, I already have the perfect card! Here’s the fine print: Trader Joe’s Cards.

Keep it simple, save money, save time, breathe, repeat.






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