Waste Not

A couple of years ago my sister Sarah left an urgent voicemail, “Call me right back!” Assuming someone had died or she had been accepted to a PhD program, I didn’t delay. She had seen something really exciting and she wanted to share. “Cut your tubes in half”, she said. She went on to explain that she was talking about hair gel, hand cream and tooth paste tubes. “You can cut them in half and get to every last morsel!”

Why hadn’t I thought of that? For years, I’d been using gravity and the edge of the counter top to get the last drop out of my Paul Mitchell and Tom’s of Maine. I grabbed my scissors and cut an empty tube in half. OMG! There must have been more than five servings hanging out on the sides and stuck to the bottom! This was nothing short of BRILLIANT!

I used my index finger like a spatula and scooped the contents from both halves into an easy access, non-tube container (see below). Amazingly simple. Another option is to just put the two halves back together, overlapping to create a smaller tube (see above). If your fingers can’t reach the bottom, cut a little more of the tube off. Be creative.

Transfer the remaining morsels to an easy access containerMy grandmother and her mother were big fans of the adage Waste Not, Want Not! How proud they would be!

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