DIY Storage

Custom storage is expensive. Save money by Doing It Yourself.

Take a look at this really cute shelving that I made with the help of my friends at the Crafty Beaver. If you live in Chicago, you probably know this hardware store with at least four locations often refereed to as The Beaver. I can understand if you thought it was something else. Trust me it’s a hardware store that will make custom cuts (25¢) and rips (75¢) of any size lumber they sell. Long story short; you don’t need to own a saw to make your own custom shelving. They also have lots of nails, screws and bolts in bulk. This is super helpful if you don’t need a whole box. Many stores that sell lumber have these same perks.

This shelf is seven pieces of 1 x 3 lumber–two long for the verticals and five shorter for the horizontals. You will also need screws and L-brackets  to hold it to the wall. It helps if you own a drill or you can borrow one. Really simple. Cost: This size, roughly 32″ x 32″ runs about $12. It’s custom, so you can make it whatever size you want. To maximize the 96″ long lumber, use simple division to get your board lengths. For example 96 ÷ 2 = 48. If you make your side boards 48″ long, waste = 0. Naturally there are lots of ideas and instructions online–see below. If you decide to make one, send me a photo!

Rustic shelf

Super simple shelf

More shelving ideas



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