Make Your Own

Finding you wallet emptied by holiday shopping? Skip full service and learn to make your own … forever!

If you live on coffee, it’s good to know it’s substantially cheaper to MYO. Sure, you know this already, but do you know how much you could save in a year? It doesn’t matter if you favor Dunkin’ Donuts ($1.79) or Starbucks ($2.29), you can save a bundle by breaking out the french press. A cup of joe made at home runs 18¢ if you make it with ground beans and closer to 50¢ if you’re using a single-serving pod. Here’s what a coffee-a-day costs per year—whole bean ($65), single serving pod ($182), Dunkin’ Donuts ($653), Starbucks ($835). There is plenty of room for savings. And, I’m not even talking fancy, espresso drinks!

Naturally, you will need some equipment. I’m a fan of the french press because it’s super cheap, makes a strong pot and doesn’t require a filter. There are lots of other options, many inexpensive. Get out your calculator. It may be worth it to buy an espresso machine! Everything you ever wanted to know about brewing your own.

Tea and hot chocolate
It’s the same thing. Make it at home and save a bundle! Even if your tea comes in a silk pouch or your hot chocolate recipe is from Alton Brown, it doesn’t cost more than 50¢ a cup! Take it to work in your travel mug. Added bonus: No waiting in line!

If you’re still buying water in a plastic bottle, please stop now. Get yourself an stainless bottle and fill ‘er up at the faucet. Save money, time, fossil fuels and the environment. Not convinced? Read Why Tap Water is Better Than Bottled Water.

Salad dressing
Simplify your life, save money and look like a gourmet by making your own dressing. You know it’s a thing when the Guardian has an excellent article on the subject called How to make a quick and easy salad dressing. Plus, when you MYO, it’s always fresh—no old, crusty dressing bottles on your fridge door! It’s difficult to calculate how much you will save, but the results of homemade will be superior to the bottled version every time.

I know I’ve posted about soup before—okay maybe three times—but I just can’t get enough! Soup out of a can is usually pretty crappy and full of salt. MYO soup is likely to be good for you, super thrifty and freezes easily. What’s not to LOVE. There are probably a billion great recipes online, here are some that I’ve never tried from Jamie Oliver.

Sugar Scrub
Specialty cleansers can be expensive. MYO and save. My favorite is home made sugar scrub. Just like salad dressing, just make what you need and it’s always fresh! After scrubbing, make sure to clean the tub really well. You will save nothing if you slip and crack your head open!

Refrigerator Pickles
OMG, I just tried this recipe from Hip Girl with no sugar. Delicious! Get yourself some fresh veggies and try it ASAP! I added a dash of celery seed.

Best of luck making your own. Share your successes!


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