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Quit Shopping: 30 Day Challenge

If I had a nickle for every time someone asked “What’s your secret?”, I’d own the island next to Richard Branson. So here it is–my thrifty secret–I don’t like shopping. Honestly, I’d rather go on a diet than buy new jeans. This is why I some of my jeans are eight years old–and they still fit! They are starting to show a little wear.

I’m not sure why I don’t like shopping. I actually feel a tightness in my chest when I hand over a twenty. Maybe it’s because I fear depreciation. An espresso machine purchased last month isn’t worth much now that it’s used. An 8K engagement ring certainly isn’t worth 8K after it leaves the store. Nearly everything you buy depreciates! I know, it’s sad.

I just read this great article on shopping by Madeleine Somerville. She says, “We shop because we’re bored, anxious, depressed or angry, and we make the mistake of buying material goods and thinking they are treats which will fill the hole, soothe the wound, make us feel better. The problem is, they’re not treats, they’re responsibilities and what we own very quickly begins to own us.” Full article here!

If you love to shop, it may be time to find another hobby–especially if you’re always broke. Here are a couple of ideas to curb the habit.

Quit cold turkey for 30 days!
Simply don’t buy ANYTHING  that you don’t ABSOLUTELY NEED for the next 30 days! See how much money you save.

Write it down and wait!
Lots of junk is purchased on impulse. Keep a list of things you want to buy, but wait 30 days before shopping. In many cases the desire simply fades away. Great, cross it off of the list.

Pay with cash!
Paying for stuff with cold, hard cash feels more real than using a credit card. Go ahead, try it for 30 days!

Keep a list of what you are spending for 30 days.
After a month, you’ll look at this list and be shocked by how much you spent on stuff that didn’t make you happier, smarter or taller.

Changing your shopping habits will save money, save time and reduce your contribution to your local landfill. Give it a try. Shoot me an email.

Tips for ending a more serious shopping addiction 

Give up buying brand new things for 200 days!


2 thoughts on “Quit Shopping: 30 Day Challenge

  1. I can tell you that we learned so much living on an island (Grenada, West Indies) for these last 2 years. When you can’t get things, you stop shopping. Also we learned very well how to really stretch a budget when 2 people live on 1 student loan. Things I never thought prior… a lot about food prep. Do you know how much more money you get shredding your own cheese? We took a bag of prepackaged shredded, and grated a pile to match it. 1/4th of a normal block of cheese, and it cost over 3 times for convenience. We are getting bulk dried beans, and preparing them. Buying items in season only. We learned what to do with all the local veggies. Also when you live somewhere that most all the brands are foreign, you lose any brand loyalty quickly. And we don’t miss it! There is not much difference in most beauty/hygiene products, yet they are so vast in their prices. I’ve never noticed a lack from buying the cheapest options. I hope we continue our thrifty shopping when we move back home!!!

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