Photo of Blu Aqua Hotel

No Ticket Required

Entrance to the Sky-Line Club

Tickets are expensive. Movie tickets are $12. Cirque du Soleil? $60. And, tickets for Janet Jackson at the Allstate Arena are $125 and up! Ouch.

Don’t fret. As my friend Kara says, “You don’t need to buy a ticket to have a good time!” Even if you don’t live in a bustling city, entertainment is in your backyard and much of it is FREE! Pretend you are on vacation in your hometown. Search for free events online. Make a list of things you might want to do. Then, get the hell out of the house! I like to entertain myself by finding a new destination and heading that way with my camera. I particularly enjoy free museum days (MCA Tuesdays and Art Institute Thursday nights), soaring architecture and the great outdoors.

Last week, I ventured out with my friend Helen and roughly 40,000 others to Open House Chicago. It’s a special weekend—200 architecturally significant spots around the city are open to the public for your viewing and picture taking. And, IT’S FREE! We visited the Bridgehouse & Chicago River Museum, the Sky-Line Club, the Blu Aqua Hotel and the Airstream (silly Chicago architect put an Airstream on top of a loft building). Absolutely no ticket was required. Cost: Public transportation for the day, $4.50. Below are some photos of the amazing adventure.

So the next time you are looking for entertainment, put your wallet away and find something that doesn’t cost a dime or require a ticket. Send me a picture.

List of 102 FREE Things

51 Cool Places in Chicago


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